New York By Night

From the Journal of Francisco Scaramanga
And so it is written . . .

It is the third Wednesday of the month, and I have arrived in New York. The ride on the private jet was quiet and smooth, much as I expected.

Per my orders, a night club was built in an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan. My private offices and domain are also here. It was finished that night, shortly after I arrived.

I had wished to arrive to a fully completed project, but I was disappointed. The foreman wasn’t able to accomplish the simple task. He will have an ‘accident.’ Dave shall see to that.

Arriving, I encountered – incert Joe’s character name here -, my contact in New York. We had a short but fruitful discussion. Amazingly, he is completely blind and has been for some time. How he manages is beyond me, but is nonetheless impressive.

Still being the night before Alysium, I was without something to preoccupy myself. I decided to contact my La Costra Nostra ally.

Learning of a weapons deal culminating at Dock 13, I figured it would be wise of me to make an appearance and flex some of my status.

As I arrived, the muscle was guarding the weapon crates as I was greeted by Fat Pauley. He assured me all was in order. It was.

The buyers, who turned out to be Russian, came and went. The money and weapons exchanged hands and all went well.

Returning to my domain, I slept the day away.

It is now Thursday, the night of Alysium.


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